A few things I don’t miss about the US

My not so secret love affair with Europe began over 10 years ago on my first voyage abroad on a family vacation to Paris when I was 15. I will never forget the feeling I had when I took my first steps out onto the alluring streets of arguably the most romantic city on earth. I immediately felt at home wandering the tiny historic streets, watching people sit outside at cafes in the middle of the day drinking wine, smoking cigarettes and reading French Vogue. I loved everything about this new city. I loved the architecture, the accents, the amazing food, even the infamously chilly French attitude. I remember thinking to myself, “I will live here one day.” 10 years and many many trips abroad later and here I am, well, in Europe at least. So I don’t exactly dream away my days at cafe’s smoking packs of cigarettes and writing in my journal, but there is something about living here that has changed me.

While there are many things and many more people I miss dearly from the States, there are a few I have to say I’m happy to do without…

There’s nothing more disturbing than seeing some teenage mom dragging her 5 screaming kids through the isles of Wal-Mart buying Kraft Maccaroni and Cheese and Fruit Loops in bulk.

  • Sarah Palin

Need I say more?

  • Driving

I’ll take my bike any day thank you very much!

  • Hicks/ Rednecks/ Republicans (just kidding…)

OK, maybe I do miss this a bit…

  • US Healthcare

It’s so funny talking to my Dutch friends or any Europeans for that matter about the never-ending healthcare debate going on back home. People here just don’t get it. “What’s there to argue about? What do you mean, everyone there doesn’t have access to healthcare?”

Well… you’d think it be that simple wouldn’t you…

By the way I pay about $400 a year for complete coverage in Holland (including, dental, prescriptions, and doctors visits) When I graduated college (at 22) and was unable to get a job with benefits, my parents were paying several hundred dollars a month to make sure I had health insurance. There’s something wrong with this picture… At least things have improved a bit…

  • Boston Market

There’s nothing more disgusting to me than a big pile of congealed mashed potatoes, covered in lard and served on a plastic plate no less… (Ewh)

  • Fast food

This is just sad… Where is Michelle Obama when we need her?


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