It’s official. I’m baby crazy

Is it too soon to say that I think my biological clock is ticking? I’ve always had a soft spot for babies and their cute little clothes but lately my affinity towards those under 1 has reached a whole new level.

I look at every stroller that passes by and have to resist the urge to pick up and hold every baby I see. I can’t help but check out nursery ideas on pinterest and even have names picked out (1 boy, 1 girl). Although, if it was up to me at this point I’d happily have 100.

I recently went to a Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house and one of the couples joining us brought their 5 month old baby. This baby was the cutest little thing I’d ever seen. I couldn’t take my eyes off her the whole time and it got to the point where I was identifying the nearest exits in case I lost complete control and ran off with the baby right then and there.

I’m 26, have no idea what I want to do with my life and I am a few student loan payments away from a diet of bread and water. Why in the world am I so baby crazy?

Sebastiaan is terrified and I think he’s going to resort to counting my birth control pills soon. Poor guy.


5 thoughts on “It’s official. I’m baby crazy

  1. Katie

    Hahahaha though I’m sure your parents are very happy about this, I am curious what Sebastian would do if you “accidentally” got pregnant… (I would fly out the minute I heard!!)

    1. Kia Post author

      Haha Katie, my parents would be secretely thrilled aside from the shame from having a baby out of wedlock… Sebastiaan however would be have a nervous breakdown and need to be highly medicated. No babies yet for me! A few more years Auntie Katie! 😉 xo

    1. Kia Post author

      You’re totally right! It’s so easy to forget how much you’re life changes after having children…Just last night I went out to dinner and there was a women sitting there with 2 little kid, one was screaming and crying and the other was throwing all of her food on the ground. The woman looked totally exhausted. I think I’ll enjoy my freedom a bit longer ; )


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