I wish I could sing.

I really wish I could sing. I love to sing. I remember belting out Whitney Houston , Tony Braxton, and Mariah Carey ballads in my room for hours when I was a kid. I’d hold a hair brush in my hand, stand on my bed and let it rip. One year I even got a karaoke machine for my birthday, things really got fun after that. Whatever happened to that thing by the way?

When I was about 10 I asked my mom if I could take voice lessons. They only lasted a few months, but while my mom would practically bribe me to practice the cello and trumpet or whatever other instrument I picked up, she never really pressured me to practice singing… Why was that?

As I got older and I would ask my mom how something sounded she would simple nod and say “you know what Kia? You are a fantastic dancer, why don’t you show me something you learned in ballet class today.” Confused I would just shrug my shoulders pirouette around the room and start singing again.

I didn’t think I was so bad…

This weekend I went to watch some bands perform in Amsterdam at the Music Matrix. It’s basically this really cool open mic night where students, and really anyone, can get up on stage and sing, play an instrument or just “jam out” as the kids say (wait, do they still say that?)

I loved it. They were just so cool. They were the equivalent of the Brooklyn hipster before they were known as Brooklyn hipsters. They guys had long curly hair, tight jeans, fresh kicks (ok, I’ll stop) and the girls had that relaxed “I just rolled out of bed and look fabulous” look nailed down, but still somehow they didn’t look like they were trying too hard. They were just cool.

Unfortunately, I’m not exactly blessed with vocal talent (and I’m definitely not cool enough to pull off the whole grungy hipster look), although I have mastered this guttural Christina Aguilera inspired move (I’ll call it a move, it really involves the whole body) and I think my friends are starting to really like it.

But as luck would have it, my best friend is an amazing singer. She has one of those voices that you never grow tired of. She has this soft and soulful sound that so few people can organically capture and a belt that you have to see in person to believe  it can possibly come out of such a tiny person. I could listen to her sing all day.

So now that my dreams of becoming the next American Idol have been sufficiently squashed, I now save my singing for the shower and in the presence of a very lucky few. Whenever I get the urge bust out a few lines of the latest Lady Gaga anthem almost on cue Sebastiaan and my mom say “Why don’t we just listen to Sarah sing?”

(I would include a link of her singing but I think she may kill me…)


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