Our new nest

Sebastiaan and I finally moved into our beautiful new apartment in the east of Amsterdam this weekend. It was exhausting but so nice to have the help of so many friends and Sebastiaan’s family. Both of the places we’ve lived since I moved to Holland have been furnished so we had absolutely nothing. We felt a bit dizzy just thinking about all the money to be spent on furniture, dishes pots and pans, everything. So because Sebastiaan and I are still students, living on a slightly limited budget, we decided IKEA was our best bet. After 2 trips and about 8 hours spent wandering the various IKEA showrooms, we found some great and inexpensive pieces to fill our new nest.

Our entire apartment looked something like this...

Bright and early Saturday morning the delivery van arrived and our 350 kilo load was lugged up 4 flights of stairs. Looking around the floor of our living room at what seemed to be 100 different boxes, it dawned on me, this my friends is why IKEA is so cheap…

2 days, a some bruised thumbs and a few splinters later, our little place started to look like a home.

This morning when I woke up with the sun shining through our windows I felt all the stress and anxiety of the past few months simply melt away.  I bounced out of bed, took a shower, got dressed and was all geared up to conquer the world when the loudest alarm I have ever heard went off throughout the apartment. Sebastiaan, who up until then had been sound asleep, jumped out of bed pulled the fire alarm from the wall (which didn’t stop the ear-piercing sound) and opened all the windows in the apartment. I still haven’t figured out how a 10 minute shower can set off a smoke alarm but, what do I know? Eventually Sebastiaan fell back asleep and I, now late for work, ran down the stairs (4 flights) only to realize half-way down I had no money for the tram and no idea where the nearest ATM was. After running about a mile around the neighborhood, I now know where the ATM is, where to grab coffee at 7am and where the crazy, and talkative, homeless lady hangs out. So all in all it was an eventful (and informative) Monday morning in the new abode, maybe our new home has to get used to us a bit too… 🙂

Our street!


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