Bitten by the Travel Bug

Although I just returned from a quick trip home to the states over easter, I now find myself itching to plan another getaway for Sebastiaan and myself. It’s been a about 2 months since our last trip and I’m starting to get a little stir crazy. The warmer weather (well, it’s warmer somewhere…) always makes me giddy to pack my bags and jet off to somewhere new. Because Sebastiaan and I plan on moving back to the states in the near future I’m determined to take advantage of our time living in Europe and do as much traveling as possible. Here’s a list of our must do trips:

Istanbul, Turkey

Seems like such an interesting and vibrant city to visit.

Vienna, Austria

I’ve heard such great things about this city, a definite must see! I’d also love to take a little Austrian ski trip one of these days 🙂

Stockholm, Sweden

Known for its great relaxed atmosphere and budding music scene.

Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest anyone? 🙂

Budapest, Hungary

Known for its spas… Enough said.

Barcelona, Spain

I would love to see all the beautiful Gaudi architecture and of course sip some sangria along the Mediterranean 🙂

Copenhagen, Denmark

Looks so beautiful and quaint.

Mykonos & Athens, Greece

Clear blue water, ancient ruins and Greek food. Yes please!

Lisbon, Portugal

Amazing seafood and beautiful views

St. Tropez, France

 Looks like paradise…. everyone should  vacation like royalty at least once in their lives right? Well, one can dream… 😉

Now all we need to do is decide where to go first!  🙂


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