Confessions of a wannabe foodie

I love good food, make that great food. I love treating myself to dinner at the best restaurants, trying new dishes and have even been known to take a few health risks in the name of culinary delight. I was raised with a very diverse diet from a small age ranging from sushi, indian and Moroccan food to italian and french delicacies. I have to admit, I’ve been a pretty brave eater from the start.

My mom is an excellent cook. Unfortunately, I inherited my mom’s taste for excellent food but not her culinary talents. Now, I’m not a bad cook per say. I can make a nice and healthy meal and have even mastered a few more complex dishes. It’s more that I don’t have the patience to test out new recipes knowing that more often than not I will end up setting off the smoke alarm, dumping my failed creation in the garbage and ordering take-out. Seems like a lot of trouble if you ask me. So why bother? (Especially since Sebastiaan is such an amazing cook, I’m a lucky girl :))

I’ve been reading a lot of different food related blogs lately, many of which talk about the joys of cooking, the satisfaction that comes from tasting that first perfect bite and the almost therapeutic nature of the process. Let’s just say I’m not quit there yet…

Sebastiaan and I have recently become determined to get healthy, and as many of you know, one of the best ways to do so is to cook more of your own food. For me, knowing exactly what is on my plate really makes me think twice before taking that first bite. I’ve always been a very healthy eater especially dating back to my days as a ballet dancer, but let me tell you, living with a guy for the first time can quickly put a dent in some of your healthy habits. (Sebastiaan once tried to convince me that putting a half-inch of butter on a dinner role is good for you… need I say more?)

So after taking some inspiration from my favorite food blogs and doing a bit of research I’ve made a list of a few seemingly feasible dishes that I am committed to trying in the upcoming weeks.

This Spring Salad with asparagus, fingerling potatoes, snap peas and spring onions.

 These Crispy Black Bean Tacos.

 This delicious looking Tilapia dish.

This sesame crusted salmon

So maybe it’s not exactly the art of cooking that has inspired me to take this first step in my culinary journey but hey, it’s a start. Now let’s see how the dishes turn out… (Fingers crossed!) 🙂


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