A nice little Saturday

This weekend Sebastiaan and I finally had a chance to spend some much-needed time together, put some finishing touches on our apartment and enjoy an evening out.

After yet another few hours navigating the interminable IKEA showrooms we returned home exhausted and with little energy left to cook. Because our schedules  have been so busy lately it felt like we were well overdue for a date night out. We decided to treat ourselves to our favorite neighborhood tapas restaurant, Pata Negra. It was just what we needed. The relaxed atmosphere, great music, friendly staff and excellent food make it well worth the price; lamb chops, grilled asparagus, green olives, bacon wrapped dates, and calamari were among the picks for the night.

We scored our favorite spot on the bar, sipped on Spanish beer, enjoyed a delicious selection of tapas and picked up some frozen yogurt on the way home.

A few years ago the idea of spending Saturday night on the couch eating frozen yogurt and watching Law & Order would have sounded pretty dull but I have to say, to me, it was the perfect Saturday night.

Pata Negra in East Amsterdam 🙂


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