Rolling Kitchens

This weekend, in an attempt to live up to my goal to get out and do more in Amsterdam, I was determined to plan a nice fun-filled Saturday for Sebastiaan, me and two of our closest friends. After conducting a bit of research, I found the perfect activity to give us a chance to do something a little different and enjoy the far too rare “warm” Amsterdam weather.

Saturday the Rolling Kitchens food festival took place in Amsterdam’s Westerpark. The event featured mobile kitchens from chefs, caterers and restaurants around Holland. We spent nearly five hours roaming the event, enjoying the live music and tasting everything from freshly shucked raw oysters, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, black bean and beef burritos and spicy chicken roti rolls. We ended the night completely stuffed  satisfied stopping for a drink in our favorite neighborhood bar on the way home.

Although we were exhausted and had a bit of a lazy day yesterday, it really is amazing how getting out and doing something fun together really helped to get us energized for the week ahead. As I head into my last week of graduate school classes (EVER!) and the last day at my current job, I can’t help but feel uncharacteristically optimistic for the upcoming summer months.

I can’t wait to see what fun activities will be next  on our agenda! 🙂


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