A Bike Trip to Zaanse Schans

So I finally did it. I quit my job ( well, only after accepting another amazing position here in Amsterdam). 🙂

Luckily, I had enough unused vacation days that I am able to enjoy some much needed time off in the meantime. Amazingly enough, Amsterdam is in the midst of its 2 week-long summer period in which Amsterdamers dust off their seldom used shorts, summer dresses and flip-flops, call in “sick” for the week and head to the outdoors. With some free time and some new summer digs just begging to be worn I was determined to make the most of the wonderful weather.

An expat friend of mine and I decided a bike trip to a new town was the perfect way to soak up some sun, get some exercise and explore more outside the city. We grabbed our bikes, donned our sunglasses and off we were. We biked from her home in Wormerweer about 25 minutes to Zaanse Schans. The ride was absolutely breathtaking and filled with fields of wild flowers, quaint Dutch farm houses, canals and windmills. Once we arrived in Zaanse Schans it felt as if we had gone back in time as we biked into a tiny Dutch village that looks as though it hadn’t changed a bit over the past two hundred years (well, despite the throngs of  socks and sandal wearing German tourists).  We wandered throughout the town, checked out some of the windmills, saw the first Albert Heijn (Dutch grocery store chain), tasted some cheese and even tried on some clogs.

We left Zaanse Schans feeling pretty Dutch that afternoon and excited to plan our next outing!


5 thoughts on “A Bike Trip to Zaanse Schans

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