A country in mourning: European Championships 2012

It’s over. The beloved Dutch “futbol” (soccer) team has lost all 3 of its qualifying games in the 2012 European Championships. Last night the Dutch were defeated by the Portuguese in their final attempt to move to the next round in the competition. I don’t think there was a dry eye in all of Holland. 

I’m not exactly a um “sports enthusiast.” Let’s just say I generally choose my teams based on A. the uniforms B. The number of cute players on the team or C. the country I’m living in (I like to go where the party is). I couldn’t care less if a team wins or loses and terms like “off-sides” and “corner kick” might as well be Chinese.

Our friend Rick painting the Dutch flag on my face!

I have to say, the Dutch have made me a believer (supporter? fan?) whatever. I now proudly sport my orange shirt, paint the Dutch flag on my face and curse (in Dutch of course) at the TV like the best of them. Is it possible I’m turning into a soccer hooligan?

Dear God. I hope not…

While I think it’s safe to say I will most likely never get into a fist fight or shed any tears over a soccer game, I have to admit, it really is amazing biking down streets lined with orange flags, seeing kids of all ages wearing the jersey of their favorite players and hearing bars packed with screaming fans. It’s hard, even for cynics like myself, not to get a little wrapped up in all the excitement. Even if it is just for a few days…

Better luck next year Nederland! 🙂


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