A day at the spa

Phew. I’ve handed in my thesis and finally finished my MBA. While I won’t receive my official diploma until November, and will still feel a bit panicky until then, I do feel I can take a big sigh of relief right about now.

Although much of my summer was spent typing furiously away in coffee shops (not that kind of coffee shop..) Sebastiaan and I have taken some ‘time-outs’ over the past few weeks to try and relish the last few days of warm weather. We’ve taken a few trips to the beach, dined out with friends and enjoyed a few lazy days picnicking in the park.

Two weeks ago we treated ourselves to a day of pampering here. We enjoyed 50 minute massages, aroma baths, saunas, steam rooms and finished the evening with dinner at a delicious Mediterranean tapas restaurant.

The indoor outdoor pool at Spa Zuiver

As relaxing as the day ended up being it took us, well especially me, a few minutes to get used to the European approach to relaxation… The spa was nude. Co-ed and nude. In fact, bathing suits and underwear were strictly forbidden. So aside from our fluffy white robes and flip-flops we were, well, “flying free” as they say…We spent the first few minutes running bashfully scurrying from sauna to sauna in our robes, only to realize we were the only ones who seemed the slightest bit embarrassed by our “exposed” compatriots.

I have to admit, after successfully suppressing my initial instinct to burst into a childish giggle amid the swarms of naked Dutchies, it was actually pretty liberating. While I’m in no rush to run off and join a nudist colony, it was a really nice change of pace.

So, while we may be living on a diet of bread and water for the next few weeks, it was definitely worth the splurge. In fact, I’m counting down the days until our next “day at the spa”. 🙂


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