Falling into fall

There’s something about the weather in Holland that makes that often cozy transition into fall feel more like shove. Two weeks ago Sebastiaan and I were biking to the beach in shorts and flip-flops and this morning I was shivering on my cycle to work with a scarf, leather jacket and boots on. Where has summer gone?

I can already sense the days getting shorter and the long Dutch winter edging its way closer. Although it’s not quite time to pull out the winter coat or hats and gloves, I’m already finding it a bit more difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

Even though I long ago diagnosed myself with Seasonal Affective Disorder— SAD, (among other things…) this year I’m determined to nip the gloom and doom in the bud and embrace some of the nicer things about the changing season.

I always use a change in season as an excuse to spruce up the old wardrobe, look up some new recipes and find some fun (indoor) activities to fight off any impending cabin fever.

This year I’m looking forward to hosting my first Thanksgiving in our apartment in Amsterdam, picking out our first Christmas tree and spending the holidays in the States with Sebastiaan’s family.

So it might take a bit more effort to perk up over the next few months but reminding myself of all the exciting plans ahead definitely helps to lighten the mood.

Happy fall 🙂


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