Pasta e Basta

photo 5

Happy 21st Birthday Kai! ❤

This week Sebastiaan and I celebrated his little brother’s 21st birthday. Aside from making us all feel really really old, it gave us a great excuse to go out and try a new restaurant in the city. I’d heard great things about Pasta e Basta, most notably that the staff is actually filled with professional singers that will break into song at various points of the evening. Although this sounded slightly cheesy, I’m always a fan of a good sing along so when Sebastiaan’s mom told us that’s where we were eating, I have to admit, I was pretty excited.

We arrived at what looked like an old Italian wine cellar decorated in just enough gaudy fabrics to make the place teeter on the line between overdone and cozy. We sat down, ordered a delicious bottle of Chianti and toasted to what turned out to be a wonderful evening. The food was wonderful and made even better accompanied by a sudden aria, pop song of musical number sung by a member of the incredibly friendly staff.


While I wouldn’t exactly say that it was Broadway quality entertainment, it definitely made for some great mid-week fun! 🙂


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