Little Collins

This Sunday Sebastiaan and I woke up with a taste for a good old fashion American brunch. Although Amsterdam is home to many of Europe’s great restaurants, I have to say, the brunch scene is lacking a bit… Coming from D.C and NYC, brunch capitals of the US,  this has been pretty hard to do without.

So, on Sunday, without anywhere in particular in mind, we decided to just grab our bikes and stop off when we found something that looked appealing. While usually this is a pretty good strategy around Amsterdam, luck was not exactly on our side to start. When hunger got

The food looked about as old as that tablecloth...

The food looked about as old as that tablecloth…

the best of me us, we finally stopped off in what looked like a cute corner bakery/café. One glance around the “restaurant” I knew there was no way in hell I was going to eat anything prepared within the confines of this god forsaken place (ok, maybe I was in a bit of a mood at this point…).

For some reason we felt compelled to order a cup of coffee, which I sipped (while occasionally shooting daggers at Sebastiaan) and proceeded to look up nice places for brunch on my phone. Thank goodness (for everyone involved) I came across Little Collins. I called them immediately, made a reservation and told Sebastiaan to chug his cappuccino and meet me outside.   

Little Collins is fairly new Australian owned restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam, and although it’s picked up some great reviews around town, we’d never had to a chance to check it out. Wow, I am glad we finally did!

As soon as we walked into Little Collins (well, after I had a delicious bloody Mary in my hands) I knew we were going to be in for a treat.The friendly (albeit slightly hungover) staff quickly made us feel at home as we  drooled watched mounds of food leave the beautiful open kitchen. We both threw our new “healthy habits” to the wind and splurged on some much needed comfort food.

The Original Bloody Mary

photo 3

Stan’s Bangers and Mash

photo 2

Coriander and Corn Fritters

The food was absolutely delicious and definitely worth the drama wait. Although we were rushed out a bit at the end of our meal, we’re already looking forward to our next Aussie inspired brunch! 🙂 



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