Spring? Are you out there?

Complaining about the weather is a common pastime in Holland, but I have to say, this latest ruse played by the weather gods is just plain cruel. It’s Easter weekend and it was flurrying last night. (?!) With temperatures well below freezing  through the week, it’s definitely time for a little pick me up.

Inspired by this blog post written by my best friend, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite spots across Amsterdam that I just can’t wait to visit if once this lovely Dutch weather decides to cooperate… 

        Sipping cocktails at the floating swimming pool on the Amstel river

                                                 A BBQ in the beautiful Oosterpark

                                            A day of sand and sun Zandvoort beach


                                  My first trip to the famous Wadden Area of the Netherlands


                                                 Dining al fresco at Pata Negra


                                    Our annual trip to the beautiful Keukenhof gardens

I’m not sure if that made me feel better or worse… Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Spring will show its gorgeous face soon! 🙂


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