Easter Sunday

This year on Easter Sebastiaan and I woke with a little extra ‘spring’ in our step so we decided to take advantage of a rare plans-free day out on the town.

We began with an extravagant and delicious 5-course brunch at Quatfass. It was our first time there and definitely won’t be our last. With the friendly staff, delicious food and reasonable prices, I think it’s fair to say we’re likely to frequent this one!

After 2 hours of eating, drinking and chatting, we left completely stuffed satisfied and headed out into a brisk but sunny (!) Amsterdam. We began with a stroll through a little neighborhood festival, then headed to an organic street market followed by some delicious wine and cheese at this chique little wine bar downtown.

And, because we obviously hadn’t eaten enough for the day, to top off  the evening we headed for Ethiopian food here. (surprisingly messy when eaten with the hands!)

Although today my pants are feeling a tad more snug than I’d like to admit, it was definitely worth the splurge for the picture perfect Easter Sunday in Amsterdam! 🙂

Amsterdam <3

Amsterdam ❤


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