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Discovering Paros

When Sebastiaan and I were trying to decide which of the Greek Islands to visit I’d actually never heard of Paros and was instead considering more well-known islands like Crete, Mykonos and Santorini. As I began my research I noticed that many of these popular Greek destinations turned into the Greek equivalent of Cancun spring break in August (crowds of obnoxious drunk high school and college students)- No thanks…

So, aside from this making me feel reallyy really old (I mean it wasn’t THAT long ago that I went to Cancun after high school was it??) we both decided for our first real extended holiday together this wasn’t exactly what we had in mind. Luckily, a friend at work recommended Paros- we could not have been more pleasantly surprised. πŸ™‚

We spent the first few days in Paros exploring the island, laying by the pool and lounging at the beach. (sounds rough right?)

On our third day the manager of the hotel recommended an all day island cruise- absolutely unforgettable…


Beautiful views from the boat


Jumping off the boat into the water!


Going for a swim πŸ™‚

The next day we decided to rent a scooter so that we could explore a bit more of the island. We stopped off at a few beaches, enjoyed spectacular views and wandered around a small fishing village along the way.


Don’t worry Sebastiaan did most of the driving πŸ˜‰


Pounda Beach



Village of Naoussa


Taking it all in πŸ™‚

If you ever decide to take a trip over to Paros (which I highlyyy recommend) our hotel was absolutely fabulous. The friendly staff, amazing views, and spotless rooms made for one of the most relaxed and enjoyable stays we’ve ever had.

For a place to eat in Paros I’d recommend here,Β here, and here! – definitely less touristy than some places but absolutely delicious!

This is the company that arranged our boat trip- a must do in Paros!

More pictures from Paros below!


Dream holiday part 2: Paros

After three wonderful days in Athens Sebastiaan and I boarded the ferry and headed off to the beautiful island of Paros. I’ll admit I was somewhat dreading the 5 hour journey ahead but as soon as we made our way through the crowds of travelers, found a cozy (and sunny) spot on the deck and settled in with my book, the ride just flew by.

Once we pulled into the port at Paros I immediately fell in love with the island. The hills filled with little white cottages, crystal clear water and picture perfect blue sky were unlike anything I’d ever seen.

We caught a taxi to our amazinggg hotel and were immediately welcomed with drinks on the balcony– not a bad start! Our time in Paros was that perfect Β balance between doing everything and nothing at all. Although we’re devastated a bit sad to be back in cloudy Amsterdam, I have to say it was one of the most relaxing and romantic holidays we’ve ever had. πŸ™‚

A few pictures of our first days in Paros paradise πŸ™‚


Mayhem boarding the ferry

A fellow traveler let me borrow her hammock for a quick mid-trip snooze πŸ™‚


View from the ferry


View from our hotel room


Wandering the little streets of Parikia, Paros


During a nice stroll along the harbour


Ah, the island mentality πŸ˜‰


I’ll take you up on that cold beer!


Delicious grilled sardines


Barbecued octopus


Enjoying a delicious meal on the water


Beautiful Paros sunset πŸ™‚

More to come on our adventures in Paros! πŸ™‚

Dream holiday part 1: Athens

Sebastiaan and I just returned from an absolutely amazing holiday in Greece. We spent 3 days in Athens exploring the city and visiting the sights and then ventured off to Paros for 5 days of sunshine, rest and relaxation. The trip was more incredible than I could have even imagined…

As soon as we arrived in Athens I was struck by the city’s fast pace, narrow streets and old town charm. Although, given the financial crisis now overwhelming this part of the world, it was hard not to also notice the boarded up shops, staggering homelessness and the abandoned petsΒ (dogs and cats) on nearly every street corner.Β 

Wandering the streets of this iconic city, visiting the Acropolis, enjoying epic views and even better food was definitely an unforgettable experience.


Our first (of many) Greek salads!


Yummy Gyro!


First bite of Mousaka!


Beginning our LONG hike up Lycabetus Hill!


We made it to the top!

photo 1

First dinner out in Plakka area of Athens


In front of the Parthenon!


Taking a break on our way down from the Acropolis – incredible view

Although there were definitely some spots we didn’t get a chance to visit, and we had an absolutely amazing time, I have to admit after 3 days in the hot, busy (and sometimes dirty) ancient city we were more than ready to catch the ferry for our Island escape!

If you’re planning a trip to Athens and looking for a great place to grab a bite I highly recommend here, here and here!

(I wasn’t crazy about our hotel in Athens so I won’t be recommending that one…)

More pictures from our trip below!