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Clearing out the cobwebs

I’m officially over winter. I just can’t take it any longer. Ok, to be honest, this kind of happens every year around this time. I refer to it as a kind of post-Valentine’s Day slump. The thing is, after Valentine’s Day I really don’t see any point to winter. Christmas is long gone, we’ve rung in the New Year and done the whole cute and cuddly Valentine’s thing… its enough. I’m cold. I’m ready for spring. It’s not just the bright colors, floral prints and open toed shoes that are getting me antsy, it’s more than that. It’s those longer sunny days and that extra bit of energy that I always get entering the warmer months.

The truth is, my tendency to spend colder days hibernating in our apartment has led to some pretty bad habits…  While I’ve been able to nip a few in the bud with a new work-out routine and someone healthy changes to the diet, unfortunately, it’s taken a bit more to effort in other areas.

While we make our way through these next few chilly winter weeks, and before it’s warm enough to dine outside on the balcony, I’ve gone ahead and picked out a few must have spring items to keep me going in the meantime (also serves as a good motivator to save a little money, not exactly my forte..). Here are a few items on my spring wish list! 🙂